Bank of America Routing Number and Locations Near Me

Hey Bank Of America Customer,In this post here you will get the list of the Bank of America Routing Number, for your smooth transactions, aside from these numbers if you are also searching for Bank of America Locations Near Me then you have come to the right place because we have provided you a map for the bank branch’s locations as well as the list of the routing numbers. This list will make your transactions easy whereas Locations Map will help you to find the nearest branch for the Bank of America.

Are you getting some failures in your transactions just because you have less information about these Routing Numbers then first read this concept carefully given below, thereafter make the right use of it for your better transactions.

What is a Bank Of America Routing Number?

The concept of Routing Numbers is same for every bank. Routing Numbers are the nine digits numbers which are developed by the ABA also known as American Bankers Association. These numbers help in the completion of various transactions like Fed wire, Check processing, Online Banking transactions etc.

Routing Numbers named as ABA number after it is developed by ABA. These numbers have so many different names including Transit Number, RTN, ABA number etc. Routing numbers are basically developed for better recognition of the financial institution from where the payment has been processed or in which branch it should be transferred to.

People ask for Is there any special need for developing these routing numbers by ABA?

Wait, I will tell you the reason for its development.  As we all know that Banking was very complex in earlier times. Banking staff had to face so many problems in knowing the exact branch of the transactions. But thanks to these RTNs because after coming of these numbers, it becomes really very easy for the bank’s staff to process the transactions easily. For your information, one bank may have different transit numbers as per their branches and locations but one bank’s branch would have only single RTN. If two different branches have same RTN then this means that branches have interlinked their workings.

Above we have covered various details regarding the Routing Number but a lot of information is left yet, just have a look at the whole article, you will get to know about new things regarding the same.

Bank of America Routing Number

Below you are seeing a table which has routing number for the different branches of BofA. These numbers are going to work for you as the routing numbers. If you are facing issue to find your RTN then use the Ctrl+F button and enter your branch and on you will then see your RTN on the right side of the box.

StatesPaper (ex. Ordering Checks)Electronic (ex. Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment)
California, North121000358121000358
California, South122000661121000358
Washington DC5400120454001204
Florida, East6300004763100277
Florida, West6310027763100277
Illinois – South8190480881904808
Illinois – North7100050571000505
Illinois – Chicago Metro7110361981904808
Indiana Accounts opened online before 8/23/20085100001751000017
Indiana Accounts opened online after 8/23/20088190480881904808
All other Indiana accounts7121457971214579
Michigan Accounts opened online before 8/23/20085100001751000017
Michigan Accounts opened online after 8/23/20088190480881904808
All other Michigan accounts7200080572000805
Missouri East/St. Louis8100003281000032
Missouri West/Kansas City10100003581000032
New Hampshire1140049511400495
New Jersey2120033921200339
New Mexico107000327107000327
New York2100032221000322
North Carolina5300019653000196
North Dakota5100001751000017
Rhode Island1150001011500010
South Carolina5390448353904483
South Dakota5100001751000017
Texas, North111000025111000025
Texas, South113000023111000025
West Virginia5100001751000017


Have a confusion about How routing number works branch wise then we have make your understand with an example, just think you have your BofA checking account in Texas branch and you have searched this-111000025 from the above list now as your routing number now this number will be termed as Bank of America routing number Texas and you have to put this same number while you are asking for your Texas Transit Number.


Above list provides you the all routing numbers of the Bank of America bank where does it operate(all the branches of the BofA). This time you are able to access your internet, this because you are getting this list online but there are some of the situations when we can’t access our internet. In the same situation, you need your transit number so what would be your next step. Don’t get worried every problem has a relevant solution. Read below the way how can you get your RTN in this condition.


Routing Number on Check

Have a look at this Bank Of America’s Check, your nine-digit numerical is printed on this check. At the time of no internet access, use your branch’s check for the routing number.


In the very left side foot of this check, some nine numerical are printed with the unique symbol in the last, these are your routing number that you can get offline on your branch’s check. I am emphasizing on branch’s check this basically means while noting your RTN from the check be sure that in the same branch you have your account number, otherwise by mistake you will use another check to see your routing number.If routing numbers have put wrong in the transaction this will make your transactions failed so be careful about the numbers that you use for the routing number.


Bank of America Locations Near Me

Now the next best thing in this post is Bank of America Locations online map which will help you in finding the nearest BofA branch. With the help of this, you can easily get the right directions for the branches that lie closest to you. This is a Google-enabled map and it works all online.

Before using this map, you must do your Navigation or GPS turn on so that your current locations will be tracked easily which helps the map to show you the all best and nearest locations for the branch of BOA where you can complete your banking work.


These maps are time savers as you can visit the nearest branch while having some another work. Suppose you have some meetings in the other state and you have reached there earlier so in the left timings you can complete your bank’s work by searching the nearest branch of the particular locations by just turning on your GPS.

Don’t you feel these maps are quite effective as it saves your time and also shows you the right directions for the place where you want to reach for the banking purposes. After turning on your location choose the very closest branch to you and then leave all on this map for showing you the right directions. Just follow the Map and then make your work done.

Bank of America Branch Hours

If you are moving to the nearest branch of the Bank of America or your get late then it is of no use. Before moving to any of the branches first get to know about the timings of that branch and make sure that you are going at the right timings.
Under this head, we have told you the opening and closing timings for Bank of America. Due to some changes sometimes working hours of a particular branch may differ so in that condition you can use the branch locator which is given below or you can also use the Customer Support Service Number to know the exact timings.

The usual operating timings of BofA in the weekdays are 9.00am to 5.00pm. But Friday timings are one more hour than the normal days.Saturday timings are 9.00 am to 1:00 pm only. I suggest you, use the locator for knowing the timings for the exact branches because BofA has different timings for each of their branch usually.

Bank of America Locator

This branch locator is the next useful thing that we have discussed earlier. If you need to know the exact details for the particular branch then you will get this with the help of a BoA locator. Why you need a locator basically, you need this because different states or different location branches have their own timings because of the seasons and some internal changes. Your problem for timings can be easily solved with the help of this locator.

The information that locator provides will be the timings and the distance of the nearest branch of the location that you will put into the locator. Just enter the address like zip code or any other landmark then you will get the information. An image is here shared for you this will make you clear about what you will get from this locator.


If you want to access this locator then you must have to click on the image seen above and then you will be redirected to the official website of the Bank of America. After that, you just have to enter the address of where you want to know the information like timings, distance etc.

Any doubt yet regarding the above content, If yes then please let us know from the comment box seen below and get the right response from our side.

Bank of America Customer Support Service

You can use the Toll-Free Customer Support Number for making your problems solved regarding Bank of America banking. +1 800-432-1000 Call on this number and they will respond you 24*7 on this number.
The above number is for the Customer Support Service if you have any Technical query then +1 800-933-6262 this number will work for you.


Bank of America Wiki

As per the, Bank of America is the #2nd Largest Bank of the America. This bank was founded in the year 1904 on 17th of October, at that time it was named as Bank of Italy. BofA has 4500+ financial centers and approx 16000 something ATM machines. Total assets that Bank of America holds till now is more than US$2.187 trillion. The registered number of employees in the year 2016 was 208000. BoA not only works in the United States but it works in worldwide.

Services provided by this bank are Investments, Consumer Banking, Credit Cards, Private Banking etc. Subsidiaries that works under BoA are Merrill Lynch, Merrill Edge and U.S. Trust. The headquarters of Bank of America is located in the Charlotte, North Carolina. This is just the basic information if anyone who wanted to know in brief.


Banking Buddy, Hope you have got the all necessary information from the above post regarding the routing numbers or the other useful information of Bank of America.  If you have any doubt for the above content or you want us to give any suggestion then our Comment box is always open for you. Give your valuable feedback to us. We will surely reply you back in 1 to 2 working days. Wishing you Good Luck and Keep Banking with one of the growing banks of USA – Bank of America.


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