How To Get Wells Fargo Routing Number LAS VEGAS

Wells Fargo official site consists of all the routing numbers on the basis of location. LAS VEGAS bank official site has two option one for getting account number and second for routing number. To view account activities go for the option “ACCOUNT NUMBER” and for direct deposits and phone or online payments you have to go routing number option.

Wells Fargo routing number is 321270742 this is for NV and routing number varies on the basis of location or state.

Wells Fargo Routing Number LAS VEGAS NV

Wells Fargo routing number for LAS VEGAS NV i.e. Nevada


Wells Fargo LAS VEGAS

Wells Fargo bank provides a facility of routing number for the customers and asks for the wire transfer or wireless transfer of money. You can select any option and proceed with a transaction from the official site of Wells Fargo.

What are LAS VEGAS Routing Numbers For Wells Fargo?

Routing numbers for Wells Fargo for different states are:

  • Nevada 321270742
  • Arizona 122105278
  • Colorado 102000076
  • California 121042882 etc.

So, you can check using the routing number on the basis of states and location.

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