Your 1970 Quarters Could Be Worth Over $30,000 Each

Have you ever considered about your loose changes in the context of your old coins? There are lots of people who thinks that any coin which belongs to back hundreds of yeard age is worth more than its face value but there are very few almost negligible people who are aware of this fact that a quarter from 1970 can worth more than this, yes it can be more a lot than the value of $.25 let us speak up more over it.

For this rare quarter of 1970, an ebeBayisting has been held and it clear that this quarter was sold for $30,000. Yes, you have heard right it is quite an unimaginable amount for just a quarter. Many of the people might feel this silly but there are around 14000 people who are continuously tracking this listing before it got the end, apart from this there are several people who are interested insightfully in purchasing it. So, now it is a good time to look over your changes once again maybe you are from those lucky ones who are having this change. Small changes can be proved as the treasure for you which is completely away from getting fractions of its actual value.

This particular coin which has been sold on eBay is the part from those group of coins which were known as the “proof error”, these coins are having lots of value for the lovers who love to collect ancient coins. This 1970-S proof coin is quite worthy for the collectors as it is the part of that small group of quarters which was struck by the Canadian quarter of 1941. Just above the word indicated as the dollar, in the proof error coin, you can still found the traces of 1941 Canadian coin at the backside of it.

The question now which struck in everyone’s mind is why these coins are so much value? The worth of such coins is due to their rarety level, as it is very unlikely to get such kind of things in your jar full of changes but yes there is still a hope that you might find one. So, what are you waiting for just go thorough your changes and have a deep look over them may be you find one for which you are looking? For lots of people getting this quarter, a coin can earn the income which can worth for an year’s hard work.

If you are looking forward to making some extra money then it will be a good idea to get some by keeping an eye over the rare coins for which collectors are looking forward or willing to purchase. Before putting your changes in the jar it will be better to have a look over them may be they are from those rare resources for which coin collecters are waiting desperately and who knows you might be lucky enough to earn such a huge amount without even losing a single penny.

It may sound silly to look over such changes or coins and many of you may be also thinking that they can only be found in the ancient eras or if they are still available then they may be very much rare to find. But I think you may be aware of the phrase saying where is the will, there is the way.

So, you should not feel disappointed just gather some hope and start looking for some, after all, it is not the topic of 100 to 200 dollars it can give you around 30,000 dollars which is enough to spend a whole year without even working.

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